New Nember Registration

** After downloading the contract; you need to sign and stamp all pages and deliver it with all other required documents to our address in 7 days

Necessary Documents
Photocopy of Agency Operation Document
Signature Specimen
Operating Certificate
Photocopy of Trade Registry Gazette
Tax Signboard
Biletbank Agreement (You can download it from above link)

** You need to send all documents to below mentioned address by courier

Address:   Çobançeşme Mah. Nish İstanbul C Blok Kat:17 No:202 Yenibosna/İstanbul
Phone:   0850 222 08 30
Note  :  After receiving your documents we will share your username and password. Note: The credit card details at annex are taken as a guarantee for charge-back claims as a result of sales to third parties without any original signature on mail order form and an ID photocopy. These card details are not stored electronically and not shared with third parties. ALL CONTRACT PAGES MUST BE STAMPED AND SIGNED BY AUTHORIZED PERSON
New Nember Registration
Agency Information
Agency Name
Mail Address
Land Phone
Mobile Phone
Fax Number
Tursab Document No
Agency Class
Address Detail
Address Description
Agency Scope
Invoice Information
Invoice Name
Tax Office
Tax Number
Invoice Address
Invoice City
Note : Please check your invoice details carefully. It is all your responsibility if any loss occurs because of missing and/or false invoice details provided by you
Management Information
Company Executive Name Surname
Mobile Phone
Mail Address
Agency User Information
Mail Address
Strong Password
Note : Username that you have entered will be only authorized username in the system for transactions like authorizing user’s authority, updating user info, adding new users, adding sub agency into the system etc. Before making an application, please enter requested user details by your sub-agency because it is not allowed to add a new authorized user later
Please fill in the required fields and enter a password that complies with the strong password structure
{{isFormEmptyAreas.title}}Please enter a password that complies with the strong password structure